I am writing this letter on behalf of Mr. Stanchi(a certified hypnotist), who I had the pleasure working with after my  very painful rotator cuff surgery.

We worked together for six weeks and he guided me on how to use hypnotherapy to manage my pain and potentially accelerating the healing process. I believe it helped me immensely, with the techniques he taught me I was able to manage the pain so it didn't control me.

Hypnosis can be used for stress reduction and relaxation and it can be used for a particular goal such as to quit smoking and weight management. Using the techniques he has taught me, I have managed the pain and recovering extremely well.

My physical therapist stated that I am exceeding expectations. And, in addition I have lost some pesky pounds I have been wanting to shed using the stress reduction techniques and replacing negative thoughts  with positive energy.


I can't thank you enough for you sharing your knowledge, compassion and time.


Be Well

K. Brown


“Michelangelo's insight, patience and kindness helped me to make major shifts in my healing process. I feel fortunate for having had the opportunity to have worked with him.”

C. Ervin

Thank you Michaelangelo

Michelangelo Stanchi, CMS-CHt | Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501

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